Monthly Group

Informal meet up once a month to connect and support each other

This is an opportunity for you to get together with a group of like minded souls and come together as a community.
There is so much confusion around what we can be doing as individuals to help the planet and the earth right now. This is a group to meet once a month and share knowldege and ideas on how we can have an effective impact on our community and on the planet as a whole.

This is a free group to attend from 12pm the last Sunday of every month. 

If you wish to stay on to receive an empowerment healing and energetic cleanse. Any negative energy will be extracted leaving you feeling lighter and brighter, we will do a short shamanic breath exercise and end with a guided relaxation.

The perfect spa treatment for your soul.
Last Sunday of every month 

Lawford Essex, CO11 2JA

I can’t wait to SEE YOU THERE……..

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