Distant Healing

Heal your energy body so that your physical body has no option but to reflect that!

Distant healing can be used for many things, it can be selling a house, promoting a business, pets, a health condition, weight loss, increased energy and clarity and healing relationships.

Distant healing is where I use a picture provided by you with your permission to administer distant reiki on your past, present and future.

If you have an event coming up in the future that you wish to give healing and energy to. Perhaps you have a past trauma that you wish to re-write and get closure for or use it for present circumstances and illness without coming to see me in person for the treatment. 

1 month of distant healing includes filling in a registration from and sending in a picture. You then receive a 30minute video of your healing and get an audio guided shamanic journey to listen to and keep for continued healing boost anytime you need. You are then receiving continuous healing and for x1 month. I describe distant healing like sending your higher self to the spar for daily massage and pampering. This will strengthen your connecting to your higher self and align your life’s purpose and raise your vibration. 

You can join the Facebook group LIFE HEALING and watch free 30minute guided healing’s weekly. You get the opportunity to have one week of group distant healing for free and then it is £40 every 4 weeks on subscription, which you are free to cancel at any time. Everyone on distant healing also gets amazing offers and discounts on other healing sessions. 

CLICK HERE for the registration form to begin.

You may find it is a good idea to keep a small journal or do a little video diary of any realisations, changes, shifts and general moods and behaviours during this process.

Please remember you can send these into me at any time. All realisations are welcomed as you go through this healing process, I love hearing about your growth, healing and personal processes. I am here to support you the whole way.

This healing is for anyone that wants immediate assistance. Energy knows no time or space and distant healing can be done from anywhere. 

Anytime video link, watch the recording in your own time after healing has begun and follow a guided healing journey exercise anytime of your choosing. Learn the powers of shamanic journeying for yourself, use for a LIFETIME of SELF HEALING!

1 Month Constant Distant Healing, Includes 30 Minute Video And Audio Guided Shamanic Journey To Keep, Investment:  £40

All Distant Healing Participants Receive Online Healing Session’s At A Reduced Rate