Eagle & Condor. The Shamanic Direction of the East on the Mesa Medicine Wheel.

To Join Eagle on the Shamanic Direction of the East, YOU MUST HAVE FIRST COMPLETED THE PREVIOUS 3 DIRECTIONS. Which are, in this order, South, West & North with Clare J

Are you ready for the EAST?

If you are in the North, Eagle might be now calling you to the East. This is the final direction on your medicine wheel journey. The question is how long can you stay in the East? Allow yourself to be flown by the Eagle and find your true mastery and calling…..

We await you. 

And remember, Eagle will be sent to you as soon as you have booked on. 

(Guide of what to expect from the rest of the medicine wheel trainings.)
East In Person. 4 day’s Training (various dates available)
& or
East Online Training – Video Tutorial Study at Home &1:1 with Clare J to receive Burial Karpay 90mins.

Note: If you attend an in person training you do not need the online 1:1 Karpay with Clare J. This is the option for those unable to travel. 

The rest of the wheel takes on a similar format.

REMEMBER: Once you have booked on any direction, you can do that training as many times as you wish. Students can join in on any previous direction taken and assist the training.

 What you will learn in the East:

Wisdom, Peace and Perspective. The Wise Sage.

Time Travel and Time line Hopping

Burials!!! Re-birth. You are reborn into your wisdom with ancient teachings from yourself

Healings You Learn On The East:

Ancestral Karma Healing – Completing Ancestral Karma and Stopping the Ripple through Generations.

Summon becoming Healing – Aligning someone with their ultimate future timeline.

Contracts Healing – Transmuting any in-effective contracts to allow someone to break patterns of behaviour or energy ties with another person. 

Your own signature Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Wisdom Guiding You to Your Bliss

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