Anything that your imagination can conjure has a truth......

Tree Sprits

Druids = People of the oak. Knew knowledge that they got from the trees. Trees are observers, there is a lot they yield to you, if you ask and communicate. Aspirin came from the Willow tree before it was synthetically made. All trees heal and are a good source of pain relief.

Rock People

Rocks & Crystals, all have different personalities and vibrations that you can actually see if you look at the face it has, it tells you a lot. They always appreciate being spoken to.


•Flower Fairies are trouping fairies and will be in large groups, petite with a pretty face and love flowers and baby animals.

•Tree Fairies are more solitary and can be found on their own, they are taller with more fire and passion, love trees.

•Water Fairies or Mer-Fairies, breath underwater and have wings, thinner than mermaids and found in fresh water not salt.

•Sylphs or Air Fairies live in the air/wind/sky and protect it. You can call upon these fairies to help clean the air.

•Sea-Sprites, similar looking to sylphs, play in the sea and surf the white horses.

•Undines, protectors of fresh water, will guard ponds and lakes, they are very silvery and swim quickly.

•Naiads are fairies of fountains and wells, they are solo being so there will be only one per fountain or well.

•Nikki are primarily males and are more like trolls as they live under bridges.

•Cajun fairies are balls of light that go up into the sky.

•Willow Wisp will hover above pond and can hover above certain places to signify berried treasure.


Celtic in nature, from Cornwall and Wales. Without Wings. Even smaller race and famous for Pixie Dust. They know where treasures of the earth are buried, very good at mining. Dust from gold and precious minerals would follow them, hence pixie dust.


Hawaiian elementals, people of Mu. Very telepathic and leprechaun like, they live above the dense vibration that we live in and are very fond of eating fish.


Fire Elementals. Djin = Male Genie. Juneau = female Genie. Salamanders = Lizards born from fire and eat only fire, they are found living in hollowed out wood. Solomon’s Angels. Brings gifts and ideas. Will help those they believe in.

Leprechauns, Gnomes & Brownies

All benevolent helpful and kind hearted.

•Leprechauns don’t come out of hiding much, they are very wise and love practical joking. Enjoy a party and love music and dance.

•Gnomes are beings who live beneath the earth and protect animals trees and mines.

•Brownies have brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin, they dress in brown and have a brown aura, they love honey.

All will help you try and manifest your heartily needs but don’t try to push it, or force it.


Mostly Keltic, Nordic and Germanic countries. Can be either naughty, or nice. They will help people who are acting kindly and living their truth. However, as the whole elemental kingdom is there to PROTECT, if someone is being cruel, or stopping that, they won’t take very kindly to them at all.  They have prominent sharp noses and party with the fairies.


Metaphysical elementals. Purifies and detoxifies everything. Magical horn for healing and fertility. Only those of pure heart can see the Unicorns. They connect us with our pure essence. Very attracted to rainbows, or rainbow energy. Purity from Heaven and a protective companion.


Found in Sea water they have voluptuous figures love to swim or be near the water, focused upon the safety of dolphins and whales.

•Dagon and Dannes – Fish Gods, creators from Sirius who brought information and wisdom. Ancient wisdom of atlantis brought to Sumeria.

•Selkies – gorgeous humans thats wear the skin of a seal, live and swim like a seal. If she takes her skin off for a fisherman her must marry her.

•Sirens – beautiful men, or women who live by the water that sing such beautiful melody for seamen.