Women's Circle

Find Connection to Yourself & Others
De-Stress & Find your Inner GODDESS!

Monthly 90minute Group

Shift from, stuck stressed and alone with shamanic power and sisterhood. 

Thursday lunchtime once a month.

Time:  12:30pm – 2pm
Venue:  THE YURT in Lawford, ESSEX, CO11 2JA

About this 90 minute Class

This is an evolving monthly circle using shamanic processes, meditation, ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms dance embodied awareness, mood music and much more, to support you to: 

* reduce anxiety and low mood
* become present in the body and keep your mind in the NOW
* heighten your awareness
* increase your connection to others and the Universal Life Force
* improve your self esteem
* raise your vibration and energy
* find your inner goddess and express your divine feminine

You will receive an empowerment healing and energetic cleanse. Any negative energy will be extracted leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. Each month will be different self development exercises to connect you back to your body, your mind and to spirit.

It will be good for anyone on a spiritual journey who feels alone.
If you feel stuck in your life and you want to shift.
If your energy levels are low and you sometimes slip into negativity.

For me, self development is the number one priority in my life. Once that comes first everything else fits into place. To do this together is a gift.

The perfect spa treatment for your soul.

Thursday lunch times once a month 12:30 – 2pm

Dates for 2020:

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