Feel At Home

Shamanic Healing & Self Development

Shamaness Clare J Chater

Powerful Shamanic Healer &

Uniquely Gifted Life Coach

Life Coaching for your business, relationships & health. Become the master of your own universe.

Qualified Shamanic Practitioner 

Transformational Life Coach 

Founder and Creator of SHAMANIC SHIFTING  

TFT Thought Field Therapy (tapping, trauma release therapy) Hypnotherapy & NLP

BA Hons 1st Degree ALRA including alignment, movement and breath work.

I have a certain amount of hours aside for supporting those who are more financially challenged. This is part of my just giving contribution. The more members I have on my new Patreon account will also support this service. Please get in touch for concessions and discounts if you require help but can’t afford it. Thank you.  

I work both online and in person, for shamanic healing, therapy and life coaching sessions.

Shamanic Healing

30 Minutes: £44
60 Minute Session: £88
90 Minute Session: £130

Self Development

Life Coaching: £555
Spiritual Mentoring: £ 1 1 1 1 

Group Sessions

ARH Academy: £77
Soul Spa Monthly: £15
Group Programme: £1999


  • Overcome fears and anxiety
  • Increased clarity
  • Freedom
  • Intensify spiritual connection
  • Find your life purpose
  • Live in joy & peace
  • Keep honest relationships
  • Manifest desires
  • Heal disease
  • Purify your life
  • Overcome addictions
  • Release Physical Pain

Align With Shamanic Energy

NEW! Now you can give as little as £2 per month to recieve remote healing along with a new guided shamanic healing journey each month!

Here is what some of my clients are saying! 

In my online session I felt at ease and was able to open up easily, and express my thoughts. I feel my anger has had a big shift since my session. I have felt a sense of calm, which has been a huge progress in my journey. Would definitely recommend. You really understood my issues and helped me see and tell myself that the emotional rollercoaster I am going through is normal, I am not alone, and I am strong enough to accept what has happened in my life. Also, I am the only person in charge of my own happiness

Sarah Jochacy