Guided Journey's

Powerful Shamanic Journeys

30minute Shamanic Guided Journey’s For Self Healing! Free tasters to help start you on your self healing and development journey. 

You already have all you will ever need for self healing, I show you how to access it! 

Calm and centre the mind
Energise the body
Increase focus
Give more clarity
Dump a huge amount of STRESS!

What using guided shamanic journey’s does for you:

Heals the body because the mind is living the experience, (as it would reading a book, your body creates emotions with the words you are reading on the page. If you close your eyes and imagine eating food, I mean REALLY imagine eating food your body creates saliva. These guided journeys work in a similar way and just by listening it is having this huge impact.)

Balances both right and left sides of the brain, this is proven to increase IQ, brain capacity, memory, brain function and clarity of thought. 
Strengthens your connection with your higher self
Increases psychic ability
Heightens intuition 
Speeds up physical healing
Cleanses organs 
Rejuvenates and reproduces healthy cell’s of the body

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