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Gateway To Your Mystic

“Gateway To Your Mystic” Psychic Development Training Online Video Course

What is in this online course?

Brought to you by Clare J Shaman Founder & Facilitator

In this training you will learn:

Module 1: New Vibration. How to be in integrity with shamanic psychic work. Working in alignment to psychic energies.

Module 2: Understanding the basics of shamanism, its origins and its energies.

Module 3: How to open sacred space and call in the shamanic energies to open the psychic gate for your readings and self connection.

Module 4: A basic simple to understand foundation to metaphysics and the unseen realms

Module 5: What you need to know about journeying safely and with integrity, shifting brain waves and your map of where to go.

Module 6: How to hone this lost ancient art of shamanic journeying and turn your practice into mystical master.

Module 7: Dream analysis and translating a mystical reading

Module 8: Learn Divination and how to give a mystical reading to yourself or another.


How do you get really good at Shamanic Journeying?

What will you get out of this wisdom?

You will be able to:

Understand messages from spirit

Make good and clear life choices

Support healing self and others

Understanding yourself and your super powers

Clearer understanding of the unseen world

Shift your consiousness & feel your souls voice

No Longer £297



A unique learning experience for every single soul


There are so many wo wo hard to explain & grasp spiritual teachings out there. I like to be simple.

I like practical clear instruction and into the body real tangible experiences.

I clearly define what you want to be looking for and exactly what to do.


Connecting to your own land is very important, we are all children of pachamama and it doesn’t matter where and how we all started. So if you take any of my further teachings you are invited to bless and pray on the land where you live, and to do so when you travel. I also encourage you to connect to Peru, to visit and have direct teachings and healing from them too.

My teachings come from the jungle tribes of PERU and from the mountain Q’ero lineage. I have studied & assisted this energy medicine for 10 years. It is important for me to keep connected with this energy and honour the roots and the wisdom keepers of the work. If you would like a session online with any Don Meaestro /Meaestra please DM and we can assist you in that.


Clare J Shaman – Mother, Shaman & Teacher of the MESA Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Practitioner Certification

She will be guiding and supporting your journey and is here to answer any questions you have In the facbook group “Shamanic Journeying.”

Or via e-mail. If you have any questions about how we support you further, please reach out to her or in our facebook group. Thank you for your patience, as Clare is a single working mother, we are not a big buisness with multiple employee’s. Thank you for supporting this spiritual work, coming out into the world. Urpichay


Hear from current students

The directions and elements as shown and I had the quickest connection I've ever experienced with 3 great messages received. I would really recommend this course to anyone with an interest in Shamanic Wisdoms, you don't need to have any previous knowledge, I knew nothing. Clare is one very special person, she absolutely loves what she does, you can feel the enthusiasm when you are in her company and she is extremely kind, patient and helps whenever possible. I am now looking forward to a workshop in person and also booking a 1:1 with Clare. If you are here reading this and found Clare. Just book, you will not be disappointed xx

Kerry Witherspoon

Clare was such an amazing teacher and guide and using her deep knowledge and wisdom she taught us the basics of Shamanism. Her beautiful, loving energy brought us all together and the connection to each other in circle was heartfelt, honest and supportive enabling us to open up and express our authentic selves. The course opened my eyes and heart to what Shamanism is about and I’m looking forward to learning more. I would highly recommend any of Clare’s teachings.

Liza Loughnane

I took Clare's training aimed at the better understanding of shamanic practice- and quite honestly an abundance of information, inspiration and journeying. I found it to be a golden key to opening another part of my intuition, learning more about my natural psychic ability, ritual and practice. It was amazing, I thoroughly recommend it. Clare is approachable, full of love, human and much fun. Thank you x

Rebecca Bourne

Special Bonus:

Free Library of Guided Shamanic Journey’s

12 full classes including breathwork

To give you a head start claiming your mystical abilities and living your aligned life.

Accessible after purchase.

Psychic Satisfaction Guarantee

If you learn nothing new from this training. Your money back!

It’s so important for me to give YOU VALUE!

That’s why I am so sure you will have so many take aways from this training.