Mesa Medicine Wheel Gateway

Your Initiation Into Mystical Abilities. This is the main skill you need for the Mesa Medicine Wheel.

Is the Shamanic Mesa Medicine Wheel for you?

It is a journey to finding yourself and understanding the world around you.

The Gateway is the training of psychic skills and mystical abilities. Then you embark on the wheel, South, West, North & East. Known as the 4 directions in the medicine wheel.

In this shamanic training, you will be dialling in and aligning to mystical abilities. This is the main skill used as a shaman, in group and 1:1 healing work. To perform soul retrieval and other shamanic healings you will need an understanding of metaphysics and the energy realm.

In this extensive course you will learn the foundations of becoming a Shamanic Practitioner, practice and polish your skill of shamanic journeying to enable you to receive clear messages from spirit and the shamanic energies.

Are you ready for the Gateway?

To check if you are in alignment with the mesa medicine wheel sacred agreements CLICK HERE! 

Already read the agreements and feel aligned with this training?

Start your mystical journey into the most vibrant version of yourself. Find empowerment, peace and understanding of yourself and others. 

This shamanic wisdom will set you free. Unlock parts of you, you didn’t realise were there. No matter how far along in your self development Journey you are, this is for you. 

Life is cycles of alchemy and to understand it fully one needs to experience the mesa medicine wheel. 

Clare was such an amazing teacher and guide and using her deep knowledge and wisdom she taught us the basics of Shamanism. Her beautiful, loving energy brought us all together and the connection to each other in circle was heartfelt, honest and supportive enabling us to open up and express our authentic selves.

The course opened my eyes and heart to what Shamanism is about and I’m looking forward to learning more. I would highly recommend any of Clare’s teachings.

Liza Loughnane

How is this training delivered?

  • The Gateway is a 7 Module online training delivered over video tutorial.
  • Bonus modules include the full library of guided Shamanic Journey’s
  • Student Facebook Group for Community Support
  • FREE access to all UNIITY zoom calls.
    Unity is an online class with group practices to support your clear channel to spirit. Thursday’s 6pm GMT 
  • You have unlimited access to come to as many of these as you wish. The same goes for the entire mesa medicine wheel trainings. Once you have booked a course you can re-do that online or in person training as many times as you like. This journey is YOURS and there are layers to it. So you can attend once booked on that particular course as many times as you like for as long as they are running.

How are the rest of the mesa medicine wheel trainings delivered? 

The Gateway is the only part that is totally online. The other 4 directions (South, West, North, East) is a choice. You can attend a 4 day in person training or if you are unable to travel to Essex, UK. You can complete them online at your own pace. I would recommend spending about 1 year in each direction. 3 months minimum, so you could complete all 4 directions in 1 year. But really I think the journey is not to be rushed. This is a self development journey and the more in depth it is, the more you can give back to others and your clients, friends & family. 

What Can you Expect to give to Others from Completing This training? 

Once you have completed the South, you can get therapist insurance as a basic Shamanic Practitioner and start your practice. You will be able to give Shamanic Illuminations. On the West you learn past life shamanic healing. On the North you learn soul retrieval. On the East you learn ancestral karma shamanic healing. You will end up with 14 Healings in your Mesa if you complete the wheel. Your clients will choose something from your Mesa and that will inform you of which healing they need. 
You will attract clients that mirror your own journey. So what you have learnt you can then give to another. You will be able to perform entity extractions (which you learn in the west) and be able to cleanse and clear yourself and others. 
Walking this path assists you in figuring out, what you are here to do. What is hand written on your soul for you to birth into the world. You are not meant to know before you start this journey. It is the journey that allows you to find your power and your purpose and the clarity and wisdom you need to then magic that into existence. But only you will know why this journey is for you at the end of it. And when it is the end of that journey a new one begins. 

How Much Does it Cost?

There’s always one main reason for doing this work. For me it was because I suffered from autoimmune disease. I lived with it 24 years before deciding enough was enough. I would have paid ANYTHING!
Literally ALL I HAD to alchemise my health.
If I asked you how much you would pay to alchemise that 1 thing in your life. It might be health based, relationship based, career, spiritual?
Would I have paid thousands for fulfilment in all these areas?
YES 100%
Although I didn’t believe it was possible to alchemise ALL AREA’s of my life. BUT IT WAS! 
There isn’t a monetary exchange for this work. It is so much MORE THAN THAT! And if i could guarantee it, you would give everything you’ve got. The truth is. It’s not about the money. The MORE YOU put in. The more YOU GET OUT. Money is just a way of you committing to YOU. You saying YES TO YOU! 

So I’ve made this journey as affordable as possible for everyone.
What you get out of it is worth so much more. 

Broken down pay as you go:
Medicine Wheel Gateway: £297
South: £450
West: £450
North: £450
East: £450

Shamanic Wisdom Guiding You to Your Bliss

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