House/Flat Cleanse & Protection Grid

Cleanse and clear the old energy in your home & protect it from unwanted energies
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Energy is everywhere and in everything. To have a clear space where you sleep and eat mostly, can be of such benefit to your life.

We all change our preferences in life or go through different phases but do our surroundings change with us, or just try to bring us back to old patterns.

Home Cleansing – can be used if you are wanting to set a new routine with children or in your own life. Have your hours changed at work? Are you trying to quit smoking and are find it harder to do when you are in surroundings you are used to? This is because the energy is stored in these places.

You may have moved home or are wanting to move. Has someone new moved in or moved out? There are so many reasons to clear the energy of your living space. Are you fighting with a partner or struggling with a child acting out?

Home cleanse will move all old programming so that you can be within an energy that is fresh and clear, ready to support all those that reside in it.

This will free you from old patterns, help you sleep better, eat better and feel better every day.

Home Protection Gridding –  to grid your home it is highly recommended that all who live in that space are present for the gridding, so that everyones’ energies and frequency are incorporated together. If someone is not there, they may find that they don’t fit in or feel comfortable in that space any longer.

We grid and ground your home to your personal frequency and vibration, which will ground and protect everyone who resides within. This can be a huge energy boost for all. You may experience extreme clarity and focus and be able to sleep very well at night.

You can either do a home cleanse or just a home grid or perhaps both in the same day.

The home cleaning takes place inside the home and all rooms within the property. The home grid will take place outside the home to ground the place and everything within it. (if you live in a flat we would do the grid both inside and out side as there will be others in the same building.)

You can do a house cleanse after the house grid if you decide to later on, this will not effect the grid. If you want both in the same day we would cleanse inside first and then grid afterwards.

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