How Can Kambo Help You?


This topical treatment goes onto the skin. 

It then draws all the toxins from your body into your stomach (fasting is required before session.)

 Then you purge all the impurities into a bucket. This is a physical, mental and spiritual experience.  

Holding the Session is the head of the IAKP (International Association of Kambo Practitioners) ANDREW MULQUIN, so you are in good hands.

Arrival 9:30am (eat nothing that morning, and nothing to drink 1 hour before arrival) Full details of preparation will be given on booking.  You will need to fill in registration form declaring any medications you are currently on. Ceremony will last approx 5 hours. You will be given a hot drink and soup afterwards to replenish your body.

This ceremony is physical, mental and spiritual. The tribes of the Amazon use it before they go hunting, so they have more energy and alertness in mind and body. They can then hunt for longer without the need for food, water or rest. We use it for healing all types of western issues.

NEXT CEREMONY DATE: Thursday 31st March 9:30am – 2:30pm approx (be prepared to stay longer and not rush off)

LOCATION: CO11 2JA @ Our Beautiful Mongolian Yurt


LIMITED places available……


You Must Fill In An Application Form First To Be Offered A Place In Ceremony! 

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