Guided Shamanic Journey For Self Healing & Alignment

This is new!

Anyone who is a Member, gets to send in their picture to be aligned with the shamanic energy and wisdom. This is an absolute must if you use any of my guided shamanic journey’s for healing and or self development. 

This will amplify your experience and bond you to the energy’s I use. Money is energy, by giving a small gift every month, this is an energetic exchange for the energy boost you are receiving, so committing to that will amplify your connection and your outcomes. 

I’ve started what is called a Patreon account. This means I can take monthly members for a small donation as little as $3 which is about £2 ish. 

The more support I get, the more I can continue to give back to the world. The more self healing tools and techniques will get to millions that need it. Those who are in hospital that would love someone to take them an i phone and play them the podcast to accelerate their healing. 

The healing journey’s have been helping the elderly and those with dementia to have peace and joy back in their day. This work brings so much to so many people and you can be part of this unique energy and know that by supporting me you are supporting so many MORE people who desperatly need that extra love. 

I have been in hospital for long periods of time as a child and I know what it is like. 

My hope is that I can continue to help so many people and to do that,. I ask for your membership! I ask you to help me to help thousands more. 

This isn’t just about aligning you and connecting your energy body for that extra energy boost! Which is the icing on the cake, what you get to feel really great about, is that you are helping me to get healing journey’s to the elderly and to the children’s wards in the hospitals.

Thank you for your membership, for your love and for your support. 

There will be a new guided healing journey out each month for all those on Patreon.

You will also get to send in a picture of yourself for your energy body boost and intergration.