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Learn Shamanic Practice and Claim Your Mystical Abilities
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Comprehensive Course on Shamanic Practice & Mystical Abilities!

Are you ready to free your MYSTICAL ABILITIES?

To know how to SAFELY and EASILY navigate the energy realms?

Know clearly how to access your psychic skills, with step by step instruction.

Get a detailed road map of how to get there quickly and effortlessly. Even if you think you have no psychic talent and are too logical!

What is it worth to you, to have access to profound messages?

Heightened psychic ability to contact spirits and speak the language of your soul?

Find and trust in the connection to yourself and the nature spirits.

We are now remembering what the Inca kings practiced long ago……

This Online Course includes:

  • Foundations of applying shamanic practice into your life for self healing in any area of pain
  • How to Shamanic Journey 
  • Learn Foundation Cosmology
  • Learn Foundations of Metaphysics 
  • Altered states of consciousness
    and how to change brain waves
  • How to command the energies for protection into the worlds
  • Aligning you to this psychic work with initiation
    and sacred rites to be installed
  • How to use this skill and different ways to give a reading
  • Language of the soul and how to speak it, archetypes, animals, symbols, geometry 


Course format is Online
10 weeks of journey classes Included

Your Journey’s include:

  1. Journey to find your water spirit animal
  2. Journey to the keeper of the lower world (Ukhu Pacha)
  3. Journey to the healing elders
  4. Journey to the ancient city
  5. Journey to heal from the past
  6. Journey to your crystal consciousness
  7. Journey to divine mother
  8. Journey to keeper of the upper world (Hanaq Pacha)
  9. Journey to meet your spirit guide
  10. Journey to the spirit of your crystal (must have a crystal you own with you)

What others are saying about this training……

This is an incredible tool for having a clear dialoge with messages from intelligent energy, and your higher self.

It is such an important time, to have a clear dialogue with your higher self. Learn what the universe is saying through your dreams and elevate your LIFE NOW.

This is how I live in harmony with ALL that is and this is how you can too.


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Welcome blessings and release and cleanse exercise.

The only Psychic skill you really need to know. To heighten all other psychic senses.

How to be the most authentic psychic.

In 3 easy steps.

How to command the energies for protection into the worlds. 

Open space

The 4 directions.

Technicalities of metaphysics

Altered states of consciousness – the space in between.

How to journey (what you are looking for)

How to change brain waves from Beta to Theta

Shamanic Laws of Metaphysics

The 3 worlds

The keepers of the worlds

Imagination & Energy

Metaphysic’s more real than avatar my story of this

Aligning you to this psychic work

Initiation and sacred rites to be installed.

How to use this skill

Different ways to give a reading.

Using in Healing

Using for yourself

Using cards

Language of The Soul and How To Speak it





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