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Why you should recieve a reading?

There are so many unanswered questions we have. We are here on this Earth with the power of free will and so many possible outcomes to our lives. It is hard to know if we are always doing the right thing, or what is best for us. The ego takes over and tries to run our lives causing us all sorts of trouble. Receiving fairy guidance messages will help you to connect more with the right path. You may have a health issue which you have been struggling with. Perhaps you would like help with your love life, or career. Maybe you have a big decision to make, or are at a stressful point in your life where you need healing support and guidance. Perhaps you are in a really good place and you want to connect more with your spirit and with nature, to help others and mother earth. The fairies will help you to see through the fog and to help you let health, light and laughter into your life.  You will learn whether you have certain fairies with you, you will learn how you can see the fairies for yourself and how to live in harmony with them for their continued guidance and support.

About your session:

You can come with a certain question in mind or not that is up to you. We will start with a water cleanse to ground you and settle your energies, making way for clear clean messages to come through. We will then begin the reading, times vary but usually about 40minutes – 50minutes.