The Shift

Founder and Creator Clare J

If you are into personal development and you know where you want to be, you are just not there yet.

This is for you…….

Its like the missing link for all life coaching and self development processes.

I am the founder and creator of THE SHIFT. This method is for reprogramming the brain to shift into more positive behaviour and actions. It is amazing for getting over limiting beliefs or for getting out of destructive patterns and negative behaviour. These beliefs we have about ourselves that hold us back in life, that are simply untrue and not serving our soul aligned selves. 

The shift method has been formed from my knowledge and understanding of multiple techniques, this is sometimes referred to as integrative psychotherapy (which means it uses multiple techniques and styles) The shift method includes elements within it of NLP, CBT, TFT, EFT, spiritual healing, shamanic breath work, spiritual pineal gland activation, left and right brain hemisphere balancing, hypnosis techniques, cell re-set for the body (re-programming) and embodied manifestation techniques. It’s basically mastering your own reality all in one hit.

I created this because through my life coaching and healing work I began to notice there was a gap.

When we know what our patterns and behaviours are, when we have the ah ha moment and we know exactly what the cause of the problem is and where it has come from.

Sometimes, just this realisation is enough for the pattern to change, but I have found that sometimes, it is not enough just to bring awareness to it. In some cases we need to REALLY shift the brain and the body into what we do want. In this instance we use THE SHIFT.

This is such a profound way to get us where we want to be super quickly!

When we know the problem, it may take us a few months of WORKING ON IT, to really shift and we constantly keep needing to remind ourselves to make a different choice.
Using my shamanic shift technique takes this long process out of the equation. We get to where we want to be in our mind and in our body, then and there. Once the shift happens, it happens. It is then normally only a matter of a few days before things in your life shift and change in such a dramatic and profound way. To make way for what is it you want. Everything aligns itself to slot into place the desire you have worked on to be so. The speed in which the universe works after the shift is incredible. You have the strongest of shamanic energy performing miracles on your behalf and literally forming your version of your perfect reality right in front of your eyes. 

I can instantly transport you to a new life. As long as you TRULY WANT to be there. The shift cognitively aligns the mind and body into that state.

What do you want to get rid of. Out of your life. FOR GOOD?
Are you are ready to totally and completely LET IT GO?
Had enough and its time to say goodbye!

Do THE SHIFT and get rid of it NOW!

Because this is such a profound and magical way to work, I use the shift technique in ALL of my sessions. You will get a version of the shift if you work with me in any session, healing and life coaching!

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