The Shamaness.....

What shamanism means to me!
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I work to one of the highest standards and I am truly honest with myself. This has been a major importance for me because if you are not able to be brutally honest with yourself and face your own shadows then how are to be truly honest with another person. Especially when it comes to supporting others to acknowledge their shadow selves. I have taken some hits in my life and “trying to get it RIGHT” wanting to be the good girl, wanting to be the BEST and I am still going on my own self development journey.

Shamanisum is very close to alchemy and I love all the teachings and wisdom. It’s transformational work for the practioner just as much as the client. 

I had to face up to a lot of guilt, shame, feeling like a hypocrite……. all of those feelings.

You see I have had a spiritual practice and thought of myself as a healer for many years. I worked on HEALING myself from Ulcerative Colitis for 24 years! Thats a long time. I would go through phases of pretending to be fine. Yes of corse I am healed because I am the healer. I had to show up as that. Until I GOT SO HONEST WITH MYSELF that I said, actually I haven’t! There is MORE so much MORE to my own healing journey and I got radically honest and shared it with the world. Posting on you tube, Facebook and Instagram with my story.

This was real and it felt good. No one has it all sorted 100% of the time. We learn and grow and we do it TOGETHER. I am now the first person to say when i’m not with it!

The greatest gift you get from anyone (in my opinion) is honesty!

I work with intelligent light (call that what you like, force, chi, prana, universal force, the universe, energy, spirit) there are so many WORDS in our language for things that to describe spirituality gets very personal sometimes.

I like to describe my relationship to “spirit” as though I am calling on different personalities of source. You are more likely to get what you want if you ask your mum when she is in the right mood, if you want something fixed asked dad when he’s focused and not distracted. Its a bit like that. I have 6 different archetypes of energy and each one will come in for certain specific reason’s because they are the right one for the job.

I work with the directions, south, west, north & east. Also down and up, (feminine & masculine) duality and balance.

Everything must have balance Anje. A lot of the words I use are Peruvian, I have learn methods from the ancient ways of the Paqos priest and the Quero people.

I use a MESA cloth, this is the energetic extension of myself. I feed it as I would my own body and the more love I show my mesa the more self love is reflected in my physical form.

If your energetic body is healed then your physical body has no option but to reflect that.

I work with sacred geometry (shapes) cubes, triangles and circles. This is how I see the energy moving, as well as in different colours.

It is like a computer programme, you have a sequence of numbers that makes up the image on the screen. It is much the same with sacred geometry and our physical bodies. The shapes for me is like the coding to the programme and how you effect and manipulate the image or the physical and mental body. You find the bug or the virus within the code, within the geometry and you simply give it an upgrade.

Why this particular culture and lineage you ask?……… I have no idea. It found me. I didn’t go looking for this energy. It found me knowing it had always been there, and then I became AWARE. For me it doesn’t matter how we connect and relate to the universe, it matters that we do it. That we do it together, build community and thrive as ONE!